Buy FIFA Coins: Playability or licenses?

FIFA 16 PES 2016 and reissued this year the battle between Konami and EA Sports and melty analyze what users prefer.


Yesterday we tell you that EA Sports safe fifa coins admire the work done by Konami PES 2016 and today we analyze differences between the two franchises and how that affects the market. For we know that the US factory has always opted for a fifa coins realism based on official licenses for players fifa 17 ut coins, teams and stadiums and in a perhaps excessive sensationalism game based on goals and flashy moves. However, the 2015 editions of these games have shown that not only licensed realism is achieved. Football is much more than that and in this video with gameplay of PES 2016 can get the idea.


PES 2015 took the award for best game of the year, which shows that gamers go far beyond the facade and expect a realistic fifa 17 ultimate team coins experience ever wielding command. That they get with the game from Konami, which, although not the most complete licensing issue, yes it reaches a new level in terms of realism in the game. The defense becomes more valuable and much harder to score goals, something that FIFA 16 coins is assured. A 0-0 with a video game EA Sports? Very complicated, really. Therefore, we will have to wait for the sales data when both games fifa coins on the market, but if all goes as last year, PES 2016 will mark the line to follow. What you you stay current?

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FIFA coins for sale A beta version on August 13?

EA Sports will grant the privilege to some lucky players to test the new version of FIFA 16 before the rest of mortals by a beta on 13 August.

It seems that EA wants to leave fifa coins everything ready for the release of the new version of one of football simulators prevailing market and to avoid any failure last minute is sending out invitations random users of FIFA 17 Coins Xbox and PS4 who acquired last year’s FIFA 15 to participate in this unique survey. So far, only American to be elected to this challenge and it is unknown if it is also made in Spain cases are known. This is a good time to test that with the permission of PES 2016, is presented as the best football game of the year as FIFA 16 has invested its full potential in improvements and a long-term commitment by the fúbol female, as I have in melty.

In addition to the inclusion of women’s teams, technical and graphical improvements they are innumerable. Although all the praise in graphic section looks like this year will go to Konami for their great effort in PES 2016, cheap fifa coins and after seeing the comparison between the faces of Neymar in both games could see with astonishment the perfection with which they have worked the developers of the Japanese company. Among the many innovations that we will find the flagship fifa 16 coins product of EA Sports will be; a novel mode buy fifa coins much more interactive and more career options, improved gameplay with more intelligent defenses and turns off the ball. For those who can not enjoy the beta offering Electronic Arts, the game’s release is just around the corner, namely 24 September. Would you like to try the FIFA 16 before release?

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FIFA Coins cheap the best signings of promising young Liga Postobon

Colombian soccer players has been giving high level for many years and all the FIFA 16 teams Postobon League with all its young hopefuls that may interest you to transfer will be present.
a couple of seasons ago safe fifa coins, EA Sports FIFA coins decided to integrate within various Latin American leagues to be lacking. Increasingly, in countries like Colombia football is growing and well grandísimos Colombian players, clubs are turning into serious contenders intercontinental tournaments. Thus, EA entered the Postobon League, the Colombian league will be present in the new FIFA 17 coins as in previous editions. In melty you are doing a review of the major European leagues and the young promises of the Spanish League for FIFA 16 coins and now extend us to South America to tell what will be the names to be heard in the near future and what signings you should do.
There are many players under 22 years who have a great future ahead and FIFA 17 Coins for sale surely will jump to Europe in the coming years and in the same way that we have recommended signings for FIFA 16 Premier League. Deportivo Cali is one cheap fifa coins of the most important clubs in the country and has the most powerful and where quarry and continue to have come out great players. Two front that you want to recommend about Rafael Santos Borré 19 and 21. Harold Preciado Borré up the subsidiary during this season and in just 6 games carries 2 goals scored. Meanwhile, Preciado is playing fut 17 coins on loan at Jaguares where she has 8 goals in just 12 games. The sticks, the safest of the Colombian league and most promising goalkeeper Cristian Bonilla assembly is the equity in your major is safe above.
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FIFA Coins Konami have learned from mistakes to beat FIFA 16?

The successful saga Pro Evolution Soccer has lost its supremacy since 2000. Adam Bhatti, European manager of the football simulator, has spoken about it.

What self-respecting good player has not raised the public from their seats in PES at the controls of your controller buy fifa coins? Despite the apparent decline of the flagship of Konami in recent years, there is still a significant number of users who have remained faithful to the series in all this time. In writing melty a week ago we show the improvements we can expect for the next installment of Pro Evolution Soccer with which the Japanese company expects to recover lost ground with respect to its main rival, FIFA 17 coins, in the past decade. This was confirmed by his manager in Europe, Adam Bhatti, in remarks to the English website Examiner.

“The PES series is no longer as popular as it was in 2000,” he admits in the interview with Bhatti said medium. 2015 marks the 20th anniversary of the title fut coins and Konami has focused all its efforts to become again the feeling regain the throne lost the benefit of the crown jewel of EA Sports. For starters, the Japanese developer will release PES 2016 the European market on 17 September, several before FIFA 17 coins. Further evidence confirming the intentions expressed by Adam Bhatti to learn from the many mistakes made in the past. Luck seems to be changing in PES and everything indicates that his arrival buy fifa coins along with your competitor establishments will mean the beginning of an exciting and close battle for the reign of football simulators. What game do you think will be more successful?

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FIFA 17 ut coins Neymar, the star of PES 2016 playing with FIFA 15

It is the star of the next PES 2016 and a great lover of video games. Neymar has never hidden his fondness for consoles fifa 17 coins and we have been enjoying football simulators.


Having one of the best players in the world is a big claim for any brand and even more so for a football game. That’s what made PES 2016 putting all the meat on the grill with Neymar on its cover. As we have already told in melty fifa points, the Brazilian player this year is the image of the game from Konami and recreation Cheap FIFA Coins of its virtual image has surprised for the good of all the critics. But unfortunately for the Japanese company Barça striker is passionate about video games and has never hidden that has been a fan of FIFA coins. How you will sit this Konami?


Neymar sure this year will avoid recording videos like the one we have left on these lines playing game that tells Manolo Lama. But this time had an excuse because the game was recorded for a soft drink brand and therefore could argue that all he did was by requirements of the script, but this fifa 16 coins has not been the only time I’ve seen playing the title of EA Sports . Moreover, last season made several publicity events with Messi in which included a tournament against the rest of his teammates and distanced as one of the best players in FIFA 15 Barca, thereby achieving the trophy fifa coins alongside Messi Munir and Alves. ¿Discuss this season with the Argentine star watching comparisons between FIFA 16 coins and PES 2016 to figure out what game is the best of both? We do not know if they will come or not an agreement but it sure will challenge to lie a little game. Do you think Neymar will play more to the game of Konami or EA Sports?

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